Snapshot Brainerd


The "Snapshot Brainerd" digital photo scavenger hunt was held on Sunday, June 16, 2013.  Participants gathered at the Lowell Elementary School playground in the early afternoon to assemble teams and review the rules. There were a total of four teams that participated in event.  

Teams were given a list of nine phrases (or clues) and were asked to go out into the neighborhood and take a digital photo they felt best captured each phrase.  The rules were simple: the photos must be taken outdoors and within the boundaries of the neighborhood.   

Once the nine photos were taken, teams submitted them to the event organizers back at the elementary school playground.  The photos were then taken to the photoshop to be printed.

Teams reassembled at the Sunshine Kitchen & Moonshine Lounge later on Sunday evening to determine the winner of the event.  Nine white boards were laid out, each with a heading of the differenent phrases.  The photos from each team were taped to the boards and participants were asked to vote on the two photos from each category they felt best represented the given phrase.  

Before the winner was announced, all of the white boards were reviewed as a group.  There was a lot of discussion amongst the different teams regarding the location of the photos and the meaning behind each image.  

After the votes were tallied, it was determined the winning team won by only a 10 percent margin.  The first place team received an iPod Shuffle, a $50 gift certificate to Cub Foods and a $50 gift certificate to the Sunshine Kitchen & Moonshine Lounge.