Mill Park Tree Planting

On Wednesday, October 2, 2013 students participating in the "Warrior Day of Service" teamed up with A Better Brainerd to improve Mill Park in Northeast Brainerd.  

Mill Park is located on the north edge of the Northeast Neighborhood.  The park, although geographically connected to the neighborhood, is underutilized by its residents.  It contains a couple of picnic tables and bleacher areas, two ball fields, two hockey rinks and a warming house. 

Currently, the backdrop for the ball fields is a large paper mill.  Although important to the economic vitality of the City, it is not the most aesthically pleasing property in Brainerd.  With the help of 25-30 student volunteers from Brainerd High School, we planted 200 red pine seedlings on the backside of the outfield fences of each of the ball fields.  The trees were spaced approximately 4-5 feet apart. Over time, these seedlings will mature into large pine trees and will create a nice visual buffer between the park and the ajacent industrial site. 

The total project cost was $176.34.  The planting/watering of the trees took about two hours.  After the planting was completed, there was still some time left before the bus was scheduled to arrive to pick up the studends.  One of the adult volunteers walked across the street and purchased, in true Minnesota fashion, a large fishing bobber to be used as an improvised kickball (as seen in the images below).