Mill Avenue Crossing

The county road dividing Northeast Brainerd has an identity crisis.  The highly traveled STROAD within the City of Brainerd goes by many names: 8th Avenue NE, Mill Avenue and County Road 3.  It knows deep down that because of its location in a residential neighborhood it should be street, but the highway design tells it that it should function like a road.

We’ve made a minor intervention to remind Mill Avenue that it’s ok to be a street.  It’s alright to allow pedestrians to cross safely.  It’s normal for a street to have slow moving traffic.  Allowing people to walk or bike to neighborhood businesses is not a bad thing. 

We focused on one particularly important intersection on Mill Avenue.  It’s one that has commercial properties on all four corners, yet only two crosswalks. It’s located at Mill Avenue and H Street Northeast.


Our goal for this project was to increase safety for pedestrians using the existing crosswalks at this intersection.  Our “intervention” was simple and cheap.  We placed orange safety flags at each of the crosswalks to give pedestrians the option of added visibility when crossing the “street.”

This is modest improvement, but the added pedestrian traffic has the potential to make a huge difference to the local businesses at an intersection where business has struggled.

Mille Avenue Crossing

What:  Orange flags at an intersection with fast moving traffic
Why:  Allow pedestrians to cross the street with added visibility
Materials:  Orange safety flags (15), 5’ PVC pipe (4” width), 4” PVC end caps (3), Plastic and steel zip ties, Hardware
Cost: $89